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13 Biodiesel Recipes You Can Make At Home and Save More Money Than You ever Dreamed Possible...

Introducing...biodiesel recipes
Step-by -Step Biodiesel Formulas that Will Have You Quickly and Easily Making High Quality Biodiesel in Minutes, NOT hours, or Days, or

Face it, what you want to know is...can you make biodiesel EASILY, QUICKLY and INEXPENSIVELY at home to save money?  




Yes, you can. For less than the price of a take home pizza this report will show you how.

Researching biodiesel? Let me tell you about it. There's nothing worse than spending hours researching a subject only to find out when you go to use it, that it's completely useless and outdated. That all the hours of preparation were for nothing...

...Been There, Done That...

...Or worse yet, finding out that it was put together by someone who didn't know what they were talking about to begin with.

Until now, that is exactly what people have been doing.

Make your biodiesel wrong, and you could end up with a lot worse than wasted time.

Done incorrectly, it can be down-right dangerous...

...I know, I learned by trial and error...

Hello, My Name is David Sieg …I am the Managing Director of International Biofuel Solutions, LLC, as well as a practicing teacher at technical universities in both Vietnam and Thailand.

 And Now I Want to Use My Expertise to Help You Start Making Your Own Affordable, biodiesel...

I searched the internet for every available source. I tried membership sites, free forum boards, read every book I could find, and went to all the places that were trying to sell me something. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I tried them all. I spent my money, I paid my dues.

Wow! You thought of everything. I tried the Kitchen recipe and it worked like a charm. By the way, I really liked the bonus e-book on how to collect waste oil. When will you have more books coming out? Put me on the email list.

...Bill Morgenstern, Delphi Ohio 

Bio-diesel Formulas are not created equal!

Problem #1.) Many are outdated. Don't get me wrong, they are well intentioned. Some offer some very good bio-diesel information. But many sites simply haven't kept up with the advances in biofuel technology. I'm not trying to knock them, but it's the truth.

Problem #2.) The time involved in searching, sifting, trying new bio-diesel formulas, and techniques, not to mention the expense, of discovering what works and what doesn't, is considerable, to say the least.

Problem #3.)  Some bio-diesel procedures, unless you know what you are doing, are downright dangerous. Not only are you risking destroying your engine, if you give it to someone else and it hurts their car, you're looking at a lawsuit. You'll learn how to stay on the safe side with this manual.

The "Down and Dirty" Guide to Biodiesel Recipes: Compiled from University research papers, hard to find government studies and the best open sources and years of collective biofuel experience, this report details the exact process needed to produce quality bio-diesel.

Over 70 pages of exhaustive bio-diesel knowledge.  No fluff, no BS, no time wasting filler. This is the information you need to get started quickly and easily. It doesn't matter if you are an amateur or expert,  you'll be on your way to making quality bio diesel.

First let me tell you what you WON'T find in this guide...

  • No untried, pie-in-the-sky formulas.
  • No time wasting "why-this-will-solve-all-the-world's problems," filler.
  • No descriptions of the "Apocalypse-yet-to-come" when we run out of fossil fuel.
  • No Cryptic chemical formulas you need a chemistry degree to decipher.
  • Nonsense, time-wasting formulas.

Now let me tell you what YOU WILL FIND...

  • Hard-hitting, information you can use TODAY.
  • The household items you need to make Bio diesel cheaply.
  • How to make biodiesel test batches cheaply and effectively in your kitchen.
  • You'll see exact formulas in easy to understand language, laid out in "cook-book" format.
  • Detailed, bullet-point instructions.
  • The most "tried and true" recipes available.
  • Safety instructions even a child will understand.
  • Creative ways to uncover a free sources of Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO)
  • A simple, easy, "bubble wash" method so you can quickly use your bio diesel.
  • "Titration" of bio diesel explained in an easy to understand manner.
  • Easy quality test to make sure what you've "brewed" is as good as anything being sold commercially.
  • Color photos
Who said biodiesel was difficult? Not with your methods! I made my first "real" batch over the weekend. I can't say it was a breeze, but I sure am glad I had your E-book to fall back on. Just wanted you to know you did a great job and I thank you for the help and support.         

...Joel Risbara, Hilton Head, SC


What you will get in this hard-hitting, no-holds-barred guide...

  • A Visual "Walk-Thru" of the Bio-diesel Process: Created with the beginner in mind, with this visual guide you will be able to understand quickly and easily the steps involved so that you get going on the right foot. 

  • Making Your First Batch: This simple bio-diesel formula visually walks you through the easy steps with color photographs. If you've never made biodiesel before, you can't go wrong with this recipe. 

  • The "Kitchen Bio-diesel Recipe." A simple procedure anyone can use to make biodiesel, at home, using common household ingredients. The beauty and simplicity of this formula lie in the fact that anyone can do it, quickly and easily to see if making biodiesel is right for you 

  • The "World Famous" Bio-diesel Formula:Another easy formula, known and used by thousands of people the world over. Otherwise known as the "FOOL PROOF METHOD." of making biodiesel.

  • The 5-hour Speed Batch Method: In a hurry? Don't worry. With this method you'll be on your way to making the fastest, highest quality bio-diesel in no time. 

  • The Waste Cooking Oil Method: An easy method that utilizes all kinds of waste cooking oil. From the oil in your kitchen to any other kind of waste oil.Using common household tools and utensils you'll be making biodiesel in no time. 

  • Used Cooking Oil Bio-diesel Method:This formula goes into detail and explains the "ins and outs" of using used cooking oil or kitchen grease. Also explains simple methods of cleaning and detailed calculations if you intend to expand production. 

  • Still Another Used Cooking Oil Formula developed by folks who went from town to town collecting WVO and  who used it to cross the country in their RV. Easy, simple, and if they can do, so can you!

  • A DIY Guide to Making Bio-diesel: This recipe, while more complex, is an intermediate formula. Once you go beyond the simple methods, this one is here as the next step as you evolve from a novice to a pro.

  • Another Intermediate Formula:You're well on your way now. With this method will help you go from a advanced beginner to a seasoned pro.

  • Base-to-Base 2 Stage Method: This one will help you to learn the how to improve the quality of your bio-diesel as well as reduce the methanol consumption. (Saving you even more money!)

  • Another "Fool Proof" bio-diesel Method:This is "Two Stage" process, going into great detail. Note: both this formula and the one above are "Not for novices."

  • An Anonymous Recipe: Inserted here that once you know what you are doing, this one will help speed you on your way to large-scale production.

Yes, I received the e-book with no problems. I had no trouble downloading it. Your directions were very easy to follow. I'll have no problems with doing business with you again. Thanks Mate.

...George Dearborne, Australia

  • Also included as an added bonus:

    • The University of Idaho's Bubble wash method. If you can't wash it, you can't use it.Designed by the University of Idaho for it's own biodiesel project, this washing method is designed to be easy and effective.

Titration: Easily explained, and how to do it quickly and surely.

This isn't a bunch of happy hype with no downside...

...This is real world biodiesel. There's always a downside.

I'm telling you this to keep you level headed about my offer. Some recipes won't work due to climate, humidity, etc. That's way I've given you a number to choose from. However, these techniques revealed here DO WORK. Thousands of people are using them all over the world.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

 2.) If I order your guide and don't like, can I return it?

Of course you can. I stand behind it 100%. Once again, no fluff, no BS, and no kidding. If you don't like it, and you have a full 60 days to decide, I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, no hassles, no if, ands, or buts. Period. And you'll get to keep the book as my thanks for trying it. I just can't get any fairer than that.

3.) How much is this gonna cost me?

$34.99. About the cost of one hour of the boy down the block cutting your lawn. And no, it won't get any cheaper. if your time isn't even worth that much to you, then you need to waste some it searching for biofuel recipes.


If you act right now I'll throw in even more time-saving, tips...

BONUS # 1...Biodiesel Home Safety.This report is also sold separately. It is also a no non-sense guide to making, storing, and using biodiesel safely. Some of these chemicals are toxic when mixed! Nothing to get alarmed about, but still, this is information you need to know before making biodiesel. (Normally $9.95 value...yours free!)

BONUS # 2...Quality Testing Biodiesel. After all, if you're going to make, you need to find out if it's any good before you stick it into your engine. This small report will make sure your on the right side of quality.


Bonus # 3...How to Get Waste Vegetable Oil for Free from Fast Food Restaurants. Something that everyone else seems to skip over. with a steady source of vegetable oil, you'll be able to make bio-fuel forever for next to nothing. This can be used in any town, any city, anywhere.

Learn how to make bio-diesel from the pros! Learn how to do it safely, surely, with the added satisfaction of knowing that not only are you helping the environment, but you also saving a ton of cash!

Other sites are charging $30, $40, even $50for material that, however well-intentioned, is misguided and outdated. 

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You can get started making biodiesel right now even if it's 3 in the morning!

So...ORDER NOW! It's only $34.99 

P.S.- The $34.99 price tag for this info-packed, hard-hitting,  how-to guide is an introductory rate. I reserve the right to increase that price at any time. (And trust me when I say I fully intend to.) Your speed in ordering will be rewarded with a significantly lower price tag.

P.S.- In case you're nervous about ordering from somebody you don't know, I want to reassure you that you're not dealing with some fly-by-nighter. I'm PayPal verified and I run several web sites that help people solve energy problems including:

I'm simply an bio-fuel entrepreneur, and consultant who wants
to help people with my specialized knowledge. I've been making biodiesel for a number of years, and helping other people make biodiesel and I completely understand how frustrating it can be to search the internet and never find what you want. I know that what I'm selling here will help you tremendously.

And if it doesn't (which I really doubt) you can ask for your money back and get it with absolutely no hassles. Now hopefully my honesty will make you feel better about ordering from me. But if you have any
additional questions please don't hesitate to email me. I will reply to you within 24 hours.

God bless and good luck!


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